Just Like Pa. Man at Work.

I like to think I take after Pa. He’s really good at annoying Ma and I’ve learnt a lot from him. I stood by his mug smelling the coffee and contemplating how I could be just as annoying.

I want to be like Pa – Man at Work!

All it took was a little bit of creative thinking.

Firstly, the food issue. I am getting more of the food that I want but it’s got to be fresh. If there’s any left in the bowl (no matter how full) this is not fresh. The way to get Ma on side is to start putting my claws in her curtains. I started with the ones in the bay window but she confused this with me wanting to look out of the window. This was clearly getting me nowhere. To get the message home I clawed other curtains too, even the ones that are open. She shrieks at me in a shrill voice but I get what I want.

Escaping capture from the windowsill.

I’d like to be like Pa in other ways too. I like his tool kit and how he can do useful things. So when the panel on the side of the bath began to come away I decided to investigate. I clawed the top to pull it open a little more and then as soon as there was enough space I climbed in. It was a tight fit, I’m telling you. Although the vet did say I’d gained a bit of weight recently so maybe that was why.

So under the bath it’s really exciting! It’s dark, dusty and there’s holes in the floor. What an adventure! Ma did not think so. She heard me walking about and came up to investigate. She pulled the entire panel off and tried to find me. She couldn’t – ha! She called and called and I only meowed when she started putting the panel back.

Under the bath excitement

I wasn’t at all pleased to be taken out from under there. She always spoils my fun.

Miserable boy that I am!

When Pa got home he got his fabulous tool bag out and then replaced the panel. I tried really hard to get it off again but to no avail. He was too good at his job.

I like being like Pa.

Just like Pa

Next Door

So it’s been a busy time since I last wrote. I’ve been trying so hard to befriend the cats next door. They’re black, tall and handsome. They’re called Mo and Joe. Trouble is they don’t like me. I am trying to get them used to me by just sitting there and not threatening them. Joe has started to come over into my garden and we sit together on the shed roof. Occasionally we hiss at each other.

When I go into their garden I like to watch through the door and see Mo and Joe eating. I’m sure their food is better than mine. I’ve tried hunger strike. It gets more food in my bowl… and then thrown away and then more…. It is just so unappetising. Ma and Pa do spend quite some time with the food drawer open choosing what to feed me. I get all excited thinking it’ll be a gourmet meal but even those pouches that say gourmet are really not a patch on the mice.

Anyway, back to next door. Ma and Pa went away. I now know what this suitcase means when it comes out.

img_6492.jpgApparently it was an idyllic¬†place with views of the sea and of Snowdonia. This did mean, though, that I was left on my own… well not quite on my own but with Auntie C and Uncle E from next door. Auntie C came and fed me and cuddled me. She was really good but I did think that maybe I should simply move into their house. I mean, this has happened before when I was left by my previous owners and it was neighbours who fed me until i was taken to the RSPCA. Or I could simply have two homes. Now I like that idea.

I have managed to get into next door and Auntie C gives me cuddles and sometimes food. Mo and Joe are accepting me more now, even when I’m in their house which is real progress! I am definitely a cat that likes cats (well, most cats).

img_6506-e1496259730517.jpgThe situation changed again the following week when Ma and Pa came home but Auntie C and Uncle E went away. This was weird. I would turn up to greet my other family in the early morning and discover Ma was in there feeding Mo and Joe. This was truly odd.

This is a photo of me feeling very perplexed by the whole thing. Plus, I’m sure they are getting better food than me. I’m not sure how to change that.

As you can see there are no fluffy tails here just an innocent check on my friends and bewilderment regarding Ma. But I do like to see my friends several times a day, especially sitting on that wooden chair which I have claimed as my own.

I have now got myself into more trouble. I had the hiccups today which was most unpleasant and strange. But Ma also hurt me when she picked me up and touched my sore leg. I yelped a bit but realised this was a mistake as I was later bundled off to the vet. I hate the vet; I cry a lot when they give me injections. There is a lump on my leg and apparently this is an abscess from fighting (like I said, I don’t like all cats). I’m ok and feeling much better now. Ma and Pa don’t look too pleased though – this was clear when they made the card payment at the till. I looked the other way and pretended I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t cry at all on the way home, I thought it best to keep a low profile. ¬†Now this evening I am back on my wooden chair next door. I am determined to have two homes… just for security purposes, you understand. I have abandonment issues.