My Places

There are some things in life that are most important. My places is one of them. Admittedly, I do have rather a few places and some of these are just fleeting moments of safety like this one when I was playing hide and seek with Ma and Pa. I thought it was a wonderful place to hide and I bet you can’t see me!


I also own the farmland opposite and I enjoy sitting on this plonk of concrete contemplating life while I oversee the crops. Ma and Pa can’t find me here either but I can see them.



When the clouds are low in the sky I like to get up high. I want to reach up and see the sun. Sadly, nowhere is quite high enough to get past the clouds. At least I get a good vantage point from here though. And sometimes a bird even flies in the sky just behind me without me noticing (note to self: I need rear view mirrors).

Sometimes I create havoc where ever I go. Pa tells Ma I’m in psycho-mode.  I just want them to play with me because… well, it’s fun. And I love my playing tower that I can get into and play.


And these, at the moment, are some of my favourite places. They are places I go to feel secure, to play or to contemplate. After all, life at times is stressful (watching over my territory and the neighbourhood cats is time consuming) and this is ME time. Time for mindfulness.



Munchausen by Proxy

I discovered that there is a pattern in the frequency I am taken to the vet. About once a month, just after Pa gets paid. To begin with I thought it was my fault. Firstly there was an abscess and it made me cry. Second time there was another abscess on my tail. Third time…..?

Well  yes, the third time there was nothing wrong with me. A pimple under my chin, the vet said. And “Oh that’s his lymph node there.” So why, do I ask, was I taken to the vet?


I have been thinking about this for some time, as I sit up high – I feel safer the closer I am to the ceiling and I can think more clearly.  I have come to the conclusion that it is not me that is ill but Ma. Munchausen by proxy to be precise. I have heard of this once. I am not sure what else she will think is wrong with me next month but I noticed her looking at Beauty Salons recently.

I heard her tell Pa that I had 4 white eyebrows on one side and just two on the other. I looked in the mirror and I think I can see what she is talking about. So now I am wondering if she is booking me into a beauty salon for an eyebrow implantation.

My plan of action is stay out of reach when the cat carrier comes out. And I have some amazing hiding places that I will share with you in another post.

In the mean time I am happily playing with my toys because I am fit and well and ready for some hunting! Here’s some action shots!