A Walk in the Countryside

Adventure in the countryside.


In the wonderful heat we’ve been having this past week Ma and Pa decided to go for a country stroll. I’ve always been curious as to where they go so I sat on the driveway and watched them walk away.

Then I made my move! I galloped past them and stopped, waiting for them to catch up.  And then I kept following them. They thought it was funny and I was having fun.

They were taking the route to the kissing gate. I’d not been this way before. But when I went through I could not believe my eyes!

The long grass! the brambles! The birds! The noises! Everything! I was not going to stick to the grass path. This was cause for exploring. I’m 2 1/2 years old I don’t need to be by Ma and Pa’s side all the time.

Ma’s voice went a little strange… I think they call it stress. She was calling, “Bertie! Bertiiieeeeeeeee!” And “Bertie, no don’t disappear there.”

I disappeared in brambles and Pa pulled a branch out to dangle in front of me and lead me back towards them. I’m cleverer than they think and gave them hope by walking forward and then getting side tracked under more brambles.

Alas, the fun had to end – grrr. Like a dog I obediently came to them.  And for this I was carried home. The humiliation!


After exploring the new unknown I was happy to stay indoors and sleep off the excitement. I do love to find good places to sleep and what better place than the stairs!