Let me introduce myself. I am officially Bertie-Jeeves although generally Ma and Pa call me Bertie. I am short; short legs, short tail and look slightly podgy. I heard Ma say I look ugly. Below are some photos of me not looking quite so ugly but that’s because I’m sleeping.

They found me from the RSPCA in Birmingham. I’d been taken there after living homeless for a long time. My previous family had moved house and left me behind.

Although the RSPCA looked after me well I hated the closed in pen. As soon as I got to my new home I didn’t care about the home the first thing I HAD to do was get out of the house.

This was no simple task. There was a catflap, my own personal catflap that only opened for me… although I wasn’t supposed to know this yet. But I knew. The flap wouldn’t open and I was going to get it open. I popped the screw covers off when Ma and Pa weren’t looking. Needless to say when they discovered this they were not too impressed. I was not out to impress though. I was out to get out!

IMG_6246 I scrambled at the windows. I scrambled at the tv and the wallpaper by the living room door. I enjoyed doing that until Pa got a bright coloured thing that squirted water at me. His aim was poor but I wasn’t going to be target practice.

It’s been 6 months now. I still make a ticking noise when I sleep which is, apparently odd. I’ve settled in now that I’ve learnt I am not allowed to scratch the tv or the wallpaper. I love home. I love the outside. I love mice and I also love Ma and Pa. I’m not cute so there will be no cutsie photos of me… just tails of my daily, mundane musings…


17 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Our dear Mr. M was a feral tuxie and it literally took years (and a lot of chicken) to convince him to become a house cat. Now, he’s happy to stay inside, help his sisfur, Purrseidon, with her blog ( and work as a writer’s muse. I am following and look forward to new posts.

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  2. dood ! we stopped by frum phelps place !!! itz veree nice ta meet ewe N we hope ya can understand R speech….if knot pleez let uz noe… N we can freshen it up a bit 😉 we think ewe R most handsum; round heer we lovez tuxies !!!! hope yur dayz a grate one N keep on stayin in trubull !! ♥

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